Junior Chess at W&B


The club is committed to welcoming juniors so that we can continue to:

  • nurture their interest in the game.
  • identify talented players.

The club’s roll of talent includes, Tom Landry, Julian Farrand, Michael Lipton, Peter Batchelor, and Dominic Foord. (See article W&B Chess Club Junior History)

The club delivers the ECF’s Certificate of Excellence (CoE) programme and offers opportunities to play competitively, including UK Chess Challenge. These chances are included in the tuition fees which are used to cover the administration costs of producing study booklets, CoE exam and certificate.

Juniors will get more out of tuition if they can meet the minimum criteria set out in Level 1 of chessKids Academy. We would ask that the certificate is completed and brought to verify test taken and passed – note in order to get certificate a mark of 14/15 must be obtained. It is not obligatory to do, but genuine beginners do absorb more time which can prevent any effective tuition for other groups.

Juniors who are considered club level players are encouraged to represent the club’s league team(s).

W&BCC Junior Sessions

Monday 6pm-7:15pm Cricklewood Library

Wednesday 6pm-7:30pm Chalkhill Community Centre

Picture is from Brent Magazine March 2009

Duke of Edinburgh Skill Award

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