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Titles, rolls and duties of Principal Officers (elected at AGM)

Secretary & Junior Co-Ordinator: Anthony Fulton

  • leads the Club and the Committee in the Chairman’s absence
  • chairs General Meetings and Committee meetings in the Chairman’s absence
  • exercises Secretary’s functions under the Constitution and Regulations
  • Committee administration
  • Membership administration
  • serves on the Committee
  • reports to Committee and Chairman
  • runs the Junior Session on club nights, providing tuition to juniors
  • ensures that the Club has appropriate arrangements for keeping children and young people safe
  • promotes the safety and welfare of children and young people
  • obtains a satisfactory enhanced DBS check
  • ensures that all issues concerning safety and welfare of children and young people who attend Club events are properly dealt with through the Safeguarding Children Policy and other policies, procedures and administrative systems
  • ensures that everyone involved with the Club has access to the Safeguarding Children Policy and procedures and is aware of what they should do if they have concerns about a child
  • receives, records and reports information from anyone who has concerns about a child who attends an Club event
  • advises and supports staff and volunteers on safeguarding/child protection
  • undertakes annual monitoring and review of the Safeguarding Children Policy
  • assists with updating the policy in consultation with other Officers
  • takes the lead on dealing with information that may constitute a child protection concern or an allegation about a member of staff or volunteer, including: assessing and clarifying information; taking decisions in consultation with the Chairman, other Officers, the chair of the Local Safeguarding Children Board and statutory child protection agencies as required; handling all information sensitively and confidentially
  • consults with, passes on information to, and receives information from, statutory child protection agencies such as the local social care department and police, including: making formal referrals to those agencies if required
  • undertakes “Duty to Refer” to the DBS if required
  • reports to each Committee meeting, as required but at least once a year, on the level of risk management being achieved
  • makes himself familiar with how the local safeguarding board works and how to contact them
  • makes himself familiar with issues relating to child protection and keeps up to date with developments
  • attends training in issues relevant to child protection from time to time and shares knowledge from that with other members of the Club

President: Cliff Silverman

  • exercises Chairman’s functions under Constitution and Regulations
  • chairs General Meetings and Committee meetings
  • ensures that necessary tasks are assigned to the most appropriate or available Officer
  • ensures so far as practicable that essential tasks are carried out and completed by the Officer to whom they are assigned
  • to the extent necessary, co-ordinates tasks and projects undertaken by more than one person
  • mediates and if necessary rules on disputes between other Officers
  • endeavours to recruit other Principal Officers, or asks the relevant Principal Officer to endeavour to recruit his own replacement
  • endeavours, or asks another Principal Officer to endeavour, to recruit any Appointed Officer
  • serves on the Committee
  • reports to the Committee
  • exercises the Secretary’s committee and general administrative functions under the Constitution and Regulations
  • in consultation with each Officer, prepares and updates that Officer’s job description
  • produces and circulates an annual or seasonal calendar for Committee meetings and the AGM
  • rearranges meeting dates as and when necessary
  • produces the agenda for each meeting after consulting the Chairman
  • circulates notice of each meeting with agenda
  • produces and circulates minutes of each meeting
  • undertakes other services needed for Committee meetings and General Meetings
  • undertakes other services in support of the Club’s governance

Treasurer: Stan Share

  • manages the Club’s financial affairs
  • exercises Treasurer’s functions under the Constitution and Regulations
  • manages and conducts relations with the Club’s bank
  • in liaison as necessary with the Secretary, manages financial relations with the premises owner
  • prepares final accounts for Committee and AGM
  • prepares interim accounts as and when requested by the Committee
  • prepares annual budget for Committee ahead of the next financial year
  • prepares proposals for each season’s membership fees, for approval by the Committee
  • consults with and advises Committee when and if it appears to him that the Club may become under a duty to submit Corporation Tax returns by reason of trading commercially
  • endeavours to arrange the Club’s affairs so that it avoids having to make a Corporation Tax return and to pay Corporation Tax unless the Committee decides otherwise
  • promptly pays valid and reasonable claims for reimbursement of payments made by Officers and others on the Club’s behalf or business
  • complies with Data Protection Officer’s reasonable and proper requests for ensuring compliance with data protection and privacy laws
  • serves on the Committee
  • reports to Committee and Chairman

Publicity Officer: Evan Beachley

  • manages the Club’s website
  • manages the Club’s social media accounts
  • prepares forms for enabling persons to join the Club and for members to renew their membership
  • ensures compliance with data protection, ensuring compliance and privacy laws
  • serves on the Committee
  • reports to Committee and Chairman

Club Team Captain: TBC

  • captains the team to which his appointment relates in line with FIDE, League and ECF rules and the Captains’ Handbook
  • selects players for each match, in compliance with any policies of the Club for giving competitive playing opportunities to lower rated players (see Regulations)
  • may recommend a Vice-Captain for appointment by the Committee
  • finds substitute captain if (a) unavailable for any match, or (b) not playing in any match and his attendance as captain is not essential
  • at home matches, sees that tables, chairs, chess sets and clocks are set out ready for play and are put away after use
  • at home matches, sees that the premises owner’s security and anti-Covid checklists are implemented
  • does other necessary tasks in connection with the club’s use of its premises
  • complies with Data Protection Officer’s reasonable requests for ensuring compliance with data protection and privacy laws
  • exercises powers and duties assigned to him or her under the Club’s Constitution and Regulations
  • may invite persons to register as guest members for the purpose of playing in team matches, as may be required by Regulations, and ensures fee payable by guest member is paid
  • serves on the Committee if so requested and he agrees to serve
  • reports to Committee and Chairman

Executive Member: Keith Jones

Non-Executive Members: John Miraghaie and Roger McMahon

Current list of Willesden and Brent ECF registered players